Team Building Day

Bring your team together to do something comepletely new, something out-of-the box, something to be together, have fun, play and build trust. 

Allow for you and your team to playfully discover a sense of belonging. Learn about boundaries and wholeness, slef-managment and living a common purpose. 

Happy Healing Day

The Urban Hippie version

Get ready for a day outside, full of yoga, Thai Massage intro workshop, raw desserts and self-healing tools.

Reflect and Reshape

The efficiency and happiness at work version

How are you working as a team? What works? What could be different? Using elements of the TEAL strategy, we will explore ways to work together better and with more enthusiasm. All this in a playful and interactive format, of course ;)

Freshly Forward

The vision / evolution version

Not sure what should be done next? Or where to go?​ 

Starting with check-ins and community sharing, we will use backward dreaming techniques to explore visions and possibilities for your organization to develop.

Not sure what's best? 

Let's talk, and I'll be happy to learn more about you as a team and suggest an individualized team day for you and your superheroes!

Pricing and availablity via email