Home-made vegan yoghurt with no tools

I love yoghurt! But in Beirut, I couldn't find any non-dairy yoghurt. So I learned how to make my own. Without any yoghurt maker or thermometer. So far, I haven't managed to make great yoghurt with home made milk, so I use store bought soy milk (in my experience the best results).


1l soy milk

1 spoon (soy) yoghurt



Heat up 1l of (unsweetened) soy milk. The right temperature is when you can stick a clean finger into the milk and calmly count till 10. If it's too hot, let it cool down, if it's only lukewarm, warm it up some more. Right temperature? Turn off gas and add 1-2 spoons of soy yoghurt into the milk. Stir well until the cultures have mingled with the milk.

Now pour the yoghurt into jars. Keep the jars open in a warm place for ca 9 hours - and your yoghurt is ready. Close lids and store in fridge, And before you finish it, don't forget to keep a spoon to make a new batch.

*** If your yoghurt is too runny, add corn starch or any other starch or try pektin. The internet will give you many ideas!

Zero Waste Tipp:

*** Keep, clean and reuse old jars!

*** The tetrapack of the bought milk is a real hassle when it comes to recycling. Instead, clean and cut the pack - tetrapack is an amazing material! Either use it as flowerpots or for seedlings, use for crafting, make wallets or other waterproof things out of it!

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