How I shop and why

During the lockdown we researched and spoke a lot about how our lifestyle feeds into a system I strongly dislike. Over the last years I've been asking lots of questions about where the food we are offered to buy comes from, how it is processed and transported. I've been researching the companies most supermarket foods are from, and was usually left frustrated about how hard it is to get solid information and finding good alternatives.

So here I want to share with you a manual I wrote up yesterday for the community I'm at at the moment. I've been doing the shopping for the past 6 weeks and this is the legacy I would like to hand over. Maybe you can find some inspiration for your shopping, maybe you relate to it already, and if I'm lucky you have something to teach me. I am finding it quite hard to find ways of consumption that actually allow me to feel good. One place is for sure, and that's local neighbours! And also Madame Granel in Aljezur, since I know Diane is putting incredible amounts of work into finding the right producers.

I deeply believe that we CAN create a different world, with a system that serves the beings of this planet and not just the privileged few. And how we consume has a big impact on literally everything. So let's start in our kitchens and bellies.

With much love,


LINK to the "How we shop and why"

LINK to "Where to shop and how" - interesting for those in the Odemira area

PS: Please share with me what I can do better and how! And I will update the file accordingly.

#sustainability #consciousconsumption #food #health #planet #greenchoice

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