Female healer gathering in June

I am in awe of how many, so-ho (!) wonderful healers I've met in the past years. And last year has been especially generous in regards of new and known inspiring souls & teachers.

In my life, at this time, there are 3 topics that are especially present. They are

- femininity

- healing & allowing and

- what is all this? (not something I chose to write about at this time).

I feel a very strong connection to both, healing itself and to what some women and men describe as "new" femininity: The very natural healing art of the feminine energy in today's world.

Now: What is femininity?

Everyone has their own experience and definition on this. But to me, at this time, femininity is the moon, the mysterious. The not understanding from our head, but feeling from our gut, our belly, our body. It's what's not so obvious. It's feeling, not seeing. It's internal, not external. It's nurturing, not providing. It's being vs. doing. It's allowing.

And I feel that tapping into the feminine energy (note: men and women can do so) is a step into healing. Because it gives access to empathy and hence let's one help others to self-heal from within.

And before I lose myself in too many words, long story short:

I want to facilitate a gathering of many of the amazing female healers I've been blessed to meet.

The magic will happen June.

What I imagine now is a week of sharing our individual healing practices, from yoga to cooking to music to hosting and caring to applied art to talking therapy to herbal remedies. I would love to give it some structure, as I've found the most powerful retreats and gatherings I was part of had some framework. Think: times set for group meditation & yoga in the mornings, noble silence, cooking together and sharing circles. Also, there will be space and time dedicated for each woman to share with all others what her practice looks and feels like. This will take place June 18-25 2017, in Portugal, about an hour from Lisbon (at this amazing space!) with capacities for ca 15 unique women. <3

Then, and this is thanks to a super inspiring conversation with Franziska, we will add on a layer to bring together multiple generations. From June 25-28, those who want to stay, are invited to invite their mothers, grandmothers, little sisters,.... to share within the whole range of a woman's life.

This sounds kind of pitch-y, and I don't mean for it to. This is not about pushing something or monetising anything. This is about organising a beautiful space in and with nature, so I can spend a week with some of the most inspiring people I know. And I hope you want to spend this week with me and us all. I promise I'll do my best to really listen and learn patiently and share my knowledge and experiences generously.

To rent the house, it will be about 20€ per person per day, plus 12€ to buy food (this is calculated very generously, I know. But at a week of healing and bliss, we should nourish our bodies with the best & best food. Plus special treats ;))

More soon - for now save the date <3 <3 <3

Much love & light


UPDATE: We will be here WOOOOOOP :D

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