A few years ago, up in the vineyards outside Vienna, my dad shared a word with me, a principle, that has been key in my practice ever since: Adab.

Adab is Arabic, and when looking it up in the dictionary, you will find translations such as 'good manners', 'respect' and 'adequate behavior towards a teacher'.

Yet my father shared with me the interpretation of his teachers:

Adab means respect for everyone.


And that includes yourself.

You wonder what that means, or why this was so impactful to me? Well, my dear dad added: "So basically, to break it down it means: Treat yourself the way you would treat your very best friend."

Do you usually do that? Do you hold the same standards for yourself, as you do for your most beloved friends? Do you encourage and uplift yourself the way you try to motivate and care for your closest friends?

I fell now is always a good time to begin with a new practice. (#justsayin)


A great TED talk I watched recently along these lines by Guy Winch.

#philosophy #lifestyle #teachings #tradition #practice #teacher #self #selfcare

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