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Welcome to our project during the COVID-19 lockdown from India.

We (Pratul and I) are currently stuck in a city near Delhi. Something that’s very alive in us is the question how life will be after this crisis will soften up. And more so: How can we make this challenging situation an opportunity to create a new normality – the kind of normality we wish we had.

So we started a short video series in which we will discuss different key-points that can be essential for us to start somewhere. To at least be aware. So that we have some place to start and make that change we all know this hurting planet needs. 

If you have any questions, comments or a wish for a specific topic: please do get in touch! Let's help each other to ask better questions and find smarter ways to not harm, but help the environment we live in. 

With much love, Cosi

Living with less

The less visible relationships in our lives

Buy, buy bye - Consumerism

Recycling - the 3 R's

Going local

A new economy?

What is "essential"?

Food waste

In need for Activism

The issue with big corporations 

The importance of trees

What we feed our minds

Food matters!

The power of uncertainty

Goodbye, India <3