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to a week of nourishing yoga, pure nature, diverse workshops, yummiest organic healthy food and beautiful people all around ♥︎
You are invited to spend a week of doing less - and being more.
We welcome you to share life with us. Simplicity in peaceful nature. With lots of movement. And stillness. No-phone times, outdoor activities, beach walks, home-grown plant-based food, conscious self-time and discovering different tools for self-care, guided by unique international teachers and friends.
This week is about loving care for ourselves and quality time to be together. Truly.
All this will happen at my friend's beautiful place and garden (and river to the beach!) on the magnificent West-coast of southern Portugal.  

May 12-18 2019 


At the former guesthouse & restaurant Cato in Carrapateira, Algarve, Portugal.

(With it's organic garden with a steam sauna and a private river that takes you straight to the Atlantic!)

* * *  This Breathe & Play Retreat will be exclusive open to Sandboxers  ♡ ♡ ♥  * * *


The aim of this week is to give you a break from being busy and to (re-)connect to your Self and others.

Think generous morning yoga sessions, nourishing food and a selection of workshops to offer you different tools for connecting with your inner guidance to find a place of calm and peace. We will do our best practices to live in a sustainable way and in touch with nature and Life. You will get to plant and harvest food, enjoy participation, community, service, commitment, intimacy, deep relaxing, tech free zones/times, much space & quality alone time. 


Our days will have the following frame:


Daily schedule

  8:00-10:00  Yoga & Meditation

10:00-11:00  Breakfast

11:00-14:00  Free time (beaches, hikes, beautiful villages, cafes, surf, biking, reading in the garden,..)

14:00-15:00  Lunch

15:00-18:00  Workshop

18:00-19:00  Dinner

19:30-23:00  Free time / evening activities (ceremonies, workshops and other treats <3)

Arrival time is 17:00 on Sunday, May 12, and departure will be 12:00 pm on Saturday, May 18.

  • The Yoga sessions will be accessible for all and give everyone something to play with and practice. Humans with all different degrees of experience and physical health are invited to join. The purpose of the yoga sessions is to allow for your mind to become more quiet and to let your embodiment lead the experience. We'll allow for our magnificent bodies to flow through a smartly planned asana sequence, carried by inspiring music and practice using our breaths to guide us and move generously and safely. Most classes will be taught in a vinyasa workshop style (dynamic flow movement sequences with breaks for workshop style in-depth parts in between). Also, we'll have a couple of more restorative, passive and chill classes. Find more about my (yoga) background on


  • The workshops will be a diverse mix of tools to make every-day life at home a bit healthier, a bit lighter and to create some more space and silence inside. Think healing herbs, meditation, how to make healthy snacks for busy people, nature and soul ceremonies and co. These should be gimmicks for you to take home, so this will be more that just "a week away" and bring benefits for long after your time in Portugal. The workshops will be taught by different teachers from the area (hence: from all over the world and with a wide variety of backgrounds).

  • There will be Open Space style workshops :) Open Space is a method to allow for spontaneous workshops within a structured frame. Anyone who feels like hosting - in that moment- can share their skills and passions, their weirdest knowledge or superpowers. Everybody is welcome to host - and nobody must. You can choose spontaneously in what role or way you wish to participate. This is your chance to spread seeds and to soak up some of the incredible wisdom your fellow boxers have to share ☀︎

  • This is a retreat meant for self-inquiry. Since we will be a group of Sandboxers, which for many of us is some sort of family, we have a unique chance to go even deeper into our own journey. Let's get together and support each other. Gentleness, doing less and allowing ourselves to let go of the need to "achieve" something will be some of the guiding principles for our time together. 

The location

Our beautiful home for the week is located in Carrapateira, besides a beautiful small village on the southern West coast of Portugal. It's a 10 minute walk down to the beach - or a short SUP/boat adventure along the river to get to the beach of Amdao! You can go for a surf, swim, sunbathe, hike, horseback ride,... pretty much do whatever you love :).

We are surrounded by nature. Sand dunes, beaches, valleys and hills, a natural park, birds and wild boars,... an incredible variety of plants, animals and different kinds of landscapes. The best clean air, beautiful night's skies with soooo many stars and a full moon to give a kiss goodbye. 

The house has a wonderful communal indoor and outdoor area (it used to be a vivid restaurant) and a big, lush veggie garden in the back which will host the yoga dome, chill out areas, a steam sauna and our direct access to the river. 




You can choose between a private room, a shared room (2-3 people), a private caravan or a private tent in the garden. All rooms come with private or shared bathrooms (indoors and outdoors). 

The food


... Will be pure healing, bite for bite. You will get to eat delicious, wholesome meals prepared with fresh vegetables that have been grown with sun and water, pure Algarvian soil and air and lots of love. All food will be low-processed, made from scratch, made to nourish and boost your body & health as much as possible -  and always as organic and local as we can make it. 

Our rule for ingredients: homegrown > organic > local small scale farmers > family owned shops. Keeping supermarket purchase and wrapping/waste to a minimal.

You will get to enjoy home-cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (As a super special treat, I've booked my favourite chef ever, Afendula, from Greece to come just for our retreat!) Also, tea and healthy snacks will be available throughout the day. All meals will be vegetarian/vegan. (If a plant-based diet is new to you: get excited! I bet you'll discover many new flavours, textures and co.). 


Wait until you taste it! (...I'd totally understand if you who came only for the food! :D)









The Breathe and Play for Sandbox retreat includes

  • 5 days of full program with yoga and plentiful workshops and evening activities (plus welcome dinner and a goodbye yoga & breakfast session), 

  • Accommodation of your choice for 6 nights at the beautiful Cato with it's magical permaculture garden, steam sauna and private river to the beach ✿,

  • 3 delicious and nourishing meals and healthy snacks available throughout the day. Our food will be all natural and made from scratch, mostly organic and whenever we can straight from our own garden! (Made by my favourite chef for you!!! :D). Also, the package includes an  

  • Individual 1h healing session (Reiki or bodywork) for you.

The price for all the above (and so much more <3) depends on you choice of accommodation: 

  • Tripple room with shared bath:  ✶ 682 Euro ✶  OR  ✶ 622 Euro EARLY BIRD ✶ 

  • Tripple room with private bath:  ✶ 700 Euro ✶  OR  ✶ 640 Euro EARLY BIRD ✶ 

  • Twin room with shared bath:  ✶ 753 Euro ✶  OR  ✶ 693 Euro EARLY BIRD ✶ 

  • Twin room with private bath: ✶ 789 Euro ✶  OR  ✶ 729 Euro EARLY BIRD ✶ 

  • Private tent with shared bath:  ✶ 682 Euro ✶  OR  ✶ 622 Euro EARLY BIRD ✶ 

  • Private caravan with shared bath ✶ 928 Euro ✶  OR  ✶ 868 Euro EARLY BIRD ✶ 

  • Private room with shared bath:  ✶ 928 Euro ✶  OR  ✶ 868 Euro EARLY BIRD ✶

  • Private room with private bath:  ✶ 988 Euro ✶  OR  ✶ 928 Euro EARLY BIRD ✶


Early Bird prices are valid until Christmas (entry of deposit by 31.12.2018).

If you you feel monetary restraints, but feel called to join, please write to me. We have a couple of volunteering slots open for this retreat!

HOW to get there

Fly to Faro or Lisbon (Faro might be quite a lot cheaper, depending on your day of travel)

then either

* rent a car (recommended! You might want to drive to different beaches on the south or west coast,

    visit Aljezur or Lagos, see more of the area.) and drive to Carrapateira (ca 2h from Faro airport or 4

    from Lisbon). Use the FB event page to organize sharing cars!!




* take the bus from Lisbon to Aljezur ( and take a cab/local bus to Carrapateira. (Or organize for someone with a car to pick you up!)


*take the train/bus from Faro or Lisbon to Lagos and take a local bus to Carrapateira. 



To get from the airport to the bus/train station I recommend using uber (ca 6 Euro). 

Also please use the FB event page to help each other with rides. We'll try to organize pick-ups from Aljezur for groups of 3+ people! Stay in touch <3


You're in for a week of silence, connection, presence, space, movement, healing, sharing, 

self-love and care.

Dates: May 12 (17:00) till May 18 (12:00)

LOCATION: Cato, carrapateira, algarve, portugal




  • 6 Yoga and Meditation Classes with Cosima

  • 5 Healing, Fun and Powerful Workshops with Local, International Guest Teachers 

  • 17 Home-grown & Hand-selected, Organic, Healthy, Plant-based and freshly made Loving Meals

  • 6 Nights in your favourite accommodation at the charming Cato 

  • 6 Evening activities, both indoors and in nature <3

  • 2 Open Space Sessions

  • 1 Individual Healing Session (Reiki, healing touch) included for you ✩❤︎✩

  • Snacks and tea throughout the day

  • A Safe and Open Space for Co-creation ♥︎

  • All the nature walks, hugs and love you fancy





contact & A BIT ABOUT ME

I'm Cosima (Julia) Bachler. Originally Stockholm hub, but always nomadic, really. I moved here after gypsying though many different wonderful places around the world and am super happy to finally have found a home to share here in Portugal <3

After many years of looking for what I thought I had lost, I now am living my dream: Sharing the practices I love most and living what I believe in from deep within. Growing my own food, living in tune with nature as much as I can, breathing the best air and having a strong sense of belonging with a wonderful community. What I had dreamed of so vividly is becoming true. More so every day. One big part of my visions was to offer my perfect week away from busy life. It is a true blessing to share that - and extra special to share one with the Sandbox family. I commit to giving all my attention and care to all our wellbeing and share generously from the depth of my heart <3  

To find our more ore about me and what I do, check out, or @breatheandplay on IG.

Any other questions?


Shoot me an email:

I'm so excited about this 😀🌱



You're in?

I CAN NOT WAIT TO share this with YOU

gorgeous PEOPLE ❤︎

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