super-licious, super-low-key 

goodness retreat

Forget the stress

Join us for a relaxing, slow, moving and healthy 3-day-weekend in June.

It's about spending time with good people. With our raw selves.

Giving love to your body. Space to your brain. Fullness in breath. 

Come play, move, sweat, walk, sit still, eat well, cook together, listen, share. 

Reflect and Reshape

How do you know what you need? How do you say no? How do you say yes?

How do you take care of yourself?

Let's talk a bit, and feel and be ~ even more during a handful of workshops and meditation sessions. 





How much

192 €

Detox, Relax, Humble, Rejuvinate, Recharge, Stillness, Mindfulness, Dreaming, Coming Down, Breathe, Move, Sleep, Play.

Eat Superfoods (yes, all natural yummyness that is), listen to your breath and feel your body and soul. 

A bit of sweat, a lot of mindful breathing, nutritious food, communal creation and silence. All that in beautiful nature.

Pricing details

Accommodation & Food          

     3 nights double room      142€

     3 nights single room        172€

Retreat Facilitation                   50€

please note that we'll cook together / in shifts ♥︎

prices per Person

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