Love good food?
You want a healthy body, delicious meals and good feelings?​
Come eat with me. 
Real. Healthy. Delicious. Plant-based. Food.

I am a scientist. I want to understand the how and why's and how we know. I don't buy food trends and popular must-eats. State-of-the art research guides what's served on my table.

 I am a bodyworker. A body-worker. I trust the knowledge of immediate experience. Embodied wisdom. The sacred body's intuitive compass. Because all knowledge, all your entire DNA and epigenetical information are encrypted in each of our body's cells. Come listen with your

taste-buds and gut.

Food is a powerful tool. It delivers nutrients and building-blocks for exactly these genius cells. It provides us with vital bacteria and regulates much of our health.

Our choices couldn't matter more. 

As an epidemiologist, as someone who cares for all our health, and as a pirate, a seeker of experience: 

I care for good food. 

And I can't wait to share it with you.

The REAL good food. 

Because every plant is a superfood.

The question is for whom, and how much of it?

So let's make good food together. Because only when we have been part of the process, when we've seen food grow, touched it, worked it, smelled it, do we really understand the power of nourishing.

Let's eat good food. 


Always vegan. Always healthy. Always tasty. 

Preferred local, natural, sustainable. Zero-waste.

Special dietary requests always welcome. 


2020: Algarve & Alentejo, Portugal

See my calendar to know where I am.


Enquire for all organic or organic/conventional options.

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