Fem Healer Week

Dear beauties, sisters and lionesses, here is an overview of some first infos:


18-25 June 2017


At this scenic spot in the Duoro Valley, Armamar, Portugal.



Sign up

Please let me know as soon as you can (like today, sister:)) if you are joining us . We'll be ca 10 outstanding women with each her own twist & take on caring of others and bringing fun/calm/healing/energy to those around us.  

Participation & Workshops

- There will be time for planned and spontaneous workshops (Open Space format) by     you.

- Every woman will have time dedicated to sharing her healing practice(s) with the           others (30 minutes each). This is so that we can experience being witnessed and             heard in what we do, and also to share and to connect with one another.  

- This whole week will be what we make it. There is a frame - but what picture will be       painted is all up to us :D The more of yourself you bring into the picture, the more         colorful, rich and lush our week will be <3

- You are so incredibly beautiful and I love you, I hope you know this :* (yes, really, you     there dear <3) Can't wait to be in this little paradisiac place all together!

- Obviously, everything is free * open, and you decide for yourself what things you participate in and what not. I do however feel that having rituals all together creates a special kind of magic - and I hope we'll create lots of that all together :) 


Prepping the week, mapping out what I envision

Daily schedule

7:30-8:00 meditation

8:10-09:45 yoga/dance

09:45-10:30 breakfast

10:30-12:30 sharing/workshops

12:30 - 14:30 cooking together, dancing  & eating

15:30 - 17:30 sharing/workshops

17:30 cooking, being, eating, celebrating, swimming, singing, ceremonies,...

23:00-10:30 Mouna (Noble Silence) 


To cover the rent, we each pitch in 20 Euro per day, plus 12 Euro for food. Makes 224 Euro per person for the entire week. That will allow us to buy mainly organic and suuuper yum fresh ingredients! Plus wine and goodies and whatever we feel makes our tie together even more soothing and beautiful for our body heart and soul. 

Feedback & co

- Any feedback on this? Write to me with thoughts, ideas and suggestions! Looking forward :)