Yummy food & snacks delivered to you, for up to 15 people.
Always vegan, always tasty, healthy & colourful. 
Fresh as it can get. 


Whether you want finger food, snacks, dishes & meals, desserts, picknick baskets or an open buffet - all is possible. 

  • I do my best to buy seasonal, local & natural and avoid pre-made/processed foods.

  • Sugar-free, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, raw, low-fat, low-carb and other options available.

  • For up to 15 people

  • Always high fibre, high vitamins and high minerals.

  • Cooked for your body to heal and be well. 

  • Special dietary requirements welcome <3

Let's eat good food.

Always vegan. Always healthy. Always tasty. 

Preferred local, natural, sustainable. Zero-waste.

Special dietary requests always welcome. 


2018: Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal

(or anywhere in the world! I'm always up for travelling :))

See my calendar to know where I am.


Get a quote for your event using only organic or conventional & organic ingredients via email.