To me, touch is magic.​

Feel your body. Breathe.

Feel your muscles, your bones, your tissue and your weight.

Feel the activation and the release.

Words will never entirely capture what touch can do.

Yet my clients have expressed experiences of complete release, arising pictures and memories, emotional healing, trance-like feelings, physical healing and a state of trust and relaxation.

I offer:


Psychedelic Touch

Thai Yoga Massage

Oil Massage

Therapeutic Massage



English, German, French or Spanish.

(We will talk very little.)


Portugal - Beirut - Goa - Koh Phangan

Autumn 2018: Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal

and also

Vienna, Austria

Berlin, Germany

See calendar for where I am.

(varying on location, please ask for quote)

60 minutes        70 USD

90 minutes        90 USD

"Cosima's hands are magic"

                                     Maija, Stockholm

"What I just experienced was

pure healing"

                                    Seb, Goa

"I've never experienced such gentle touch"

                                         Rolf, Neatherlands

"Cosima is a healer" 

                                        David, Vienna

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