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Cosima spent the past 12 years as a gypsy. Following her two feet, soaking up everything she could learn. Moving places, moving in- & outside of her body and finding stillness in the chaos, Cosima gained important experiences that taught her how to deal with change and finding creative solutions in moments of disruption. 

Cosima holds a M.MS in Epidemiology, focusing on global health and preventative medicine (esp. nutrition, movement and everyday habits). She is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, completed a 300h Thai Massage training with the spectacular Sunshine Network and Osteo-Thai magic from Arno, and extended those with Wuo-Tai fascial work. She continued her Thai Massage journey with Master Anjan Pichet, David Lutt, Pau Castellsague, Kaline Kelly and more. Apart from that, and maybe most importantly, Cosima attended hundreds of workshops and, like most of us, received many learnings that don't lead to a paper you put on a wall.

She is forever grateful to each and every teacher who has allowed for her to learn and grow and become who she is today.

 Cosima has a dedicated yoga practice, celebrates a yummy colourful vegan diet and feels home in many places. Especially around people connected to Burning Man and sustainable living communities, questioning the standard normative narrative of gender roles, relationships and how one is "ought" to live. Supporting environmentally sustainable and healthy lifestyles. YEAH to zero waste, permaculture, earthships, consent consciousness, universal respect and kindness. Believing that every being has the right to be free and allowed to express their real selves.

 In short: she feels very much in love with life and the people who are exploring it <3

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